Who Am I?

Splatert is the name I go by on the internet. I'm an aspiring programmer, game developer, 3D artist, electronic musician, and web designer from the United States who hopes to take over the world by storm through my own work. I'm mostly familiar with the Lua programming language.

Music Inspiration

During my childhood, I had a small interest in creating some music after listening to some songs from the techno and trance genre, especially from artists like Alexander Perls. My motivation and interest has skyrocketed ever since I got into the EDM/Electronic genre and started listening to music from leading artists from several decades ago such as Flux Pavilion and Sonny Moore.

Getting Into Programming

What got me into programming was this former LEGO-like building game I used to fiddle with at the time called Roblox. It was a game where you could build models and worlds out of building blocks similar to LEGO. I've learned my first lines of code by looking at open source models which had viewable code and was free for anyone to use for their projects. Although Roblox is still mainstream and relevant, I intentionally called it a former LEGO-like building game because roblox is no longer about building stuff with building blocks. They've changed their business strategy to become focused on being a game development platform like Unity and Godot.

Other Hobbies

Besides hobbies that I've already mentioned before, I like to draw some pixel art as well as low resolution sprite sheets, especially when they're related to video games.

Speaking of video games, I love video games that were made for the sixth generation of consoles (PlayStation 2, Original Xbox). Not only they were fun in my opinion but they had a massive library of games to choose from. Due to how cheap it was to develop games for consoles at that time, a lot of people were investing into them. You'll mostly find hidden games nobody has ever heard about, and you'll also find a lot of terrible games made by developers that were looking to make a quick buck.

Origin of My Name.

My name truly does sound weird but ever since I've used it, I just couldn't let go of it. It had stuck with me since my childhood. The name "Splatert" was created way back in 2007 when I was on the internet and wanted to create an account for a known Role-Play game at the time called "Adventure Quest". I couldn't think of any good name at the time and out of nowhere, the word Splatter came to mind. So I decided to use the word Splatter but upon successfully signing up for an account, I noticed that I have made a misspelling in my username in which one of the letter Ts from the Word "Splatter" was moved to the end of my username. And thus my name was born and decided to keep it with me throughout my life.

Questions or Concerns

If there's anything that you would like to tell me, you can click the button below to contact me.